Sunday, March 31, 2013

No IPhone Pictures Please

ALAS! Finally back home from the big ol' PA after being kidnapped for the weekend-- I had to attend my boyfriend's cousin's 4 year old's birthday party (Whew). Alright, I went willingly because I knew there was going to be food and cake--Yes, I am just that easy.

But if you are the boyfriend's family member reading this....I went because I LOVE you guys! Food means nothing to me!! (Thanks for not saving me some sushi by the way, Dan. I am just saying.)

Friday, my good friend Jason Ng wanted to spit some photography game at me. He had told me, "I am sick and tired of your pictures being grainy and everything. I have a nice camera. Let me take your pictures." So basically, he told me I suck. Ah, what are friends for.

All Saints Jacket// H&M sweater// H&M Dress// H&M Necklace// BCBG heels

So you're probably thinking, "Oh, she is wearing a dress. It had finally gotten warmer out!" 

Thanks Jason Ng for the pictures! Even though you drove me crazy, the pictures came out great! Took me at least an hour to filter out 200 photos. You're hired.

Anyways, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Eat tons of chocolate until you cry!

[Photos by Jason Ng]

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