Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow, Snow, Go Away.

Alright. ALRIGHT. I have had enough of snow. It is getting a little exhausting with all this shivering and whatnot. I just want to show some legs already, and I am too pale for my own kind.

Although it is officially spring, NY/NJ are still getting rocked with a cold front. It is leaving many of us very tiresome and sick. I don't want to get sick anymore. Please make it stop. Have freakin' mercy on me Mother Nature. [End Rant].

Yesterday's outfit shoot kinda fits the gloomy and cold mood that we are living in right now. I know, I am not wearing a jacket in a 40 degree weather. What a freakin' street walker.

"You're not very cute when you walk"- Said my best friend ever. 

I am currently looking to adopt a dog as of the moment. And at this very instance in the photo, I saw one of the type of breed I was looking at. Fascinated, obviously.

Tree hugger in the making. Too bad moss freaks me out.

Err okay, that last picture is a little creepy and a tad emo. Let's lighten things up a bit.
Caught taking pictures, right outside of church. I'm sorry, I love brick walls.

H&M Blazer// Forever 21 Infinity Scarf// H&M Sweater// 
Guess Jeans // Ecote Booties// Michael Kors Watch// Ray Bans Sunglasses

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