Sunday, April 14, 2013

Get In Mah Belly

I have a problem. I am pretty positive that I am not the only one with this issue, and I also acknowledge that many people suffer from this every single day.

I cannot stop eating.

I hunger for food 24/7; And if I can remember my dreams, I am sure that my dream-self needs to eat every 10 minutes as well. To top it off, I have a loving boyfriend who loves to feed me just so he can get me fat- Resulting in me not leaving him for anyone else. Smart move, my dear manfriend.

There was a food truck food festival in his town, and of course I just had to attend it; That was a no brainer. It is a festival where different food trucks with different variety of food selections come into town to cater to people like me- We love to eat, and we love to eat new things...until we explode.

The weather permitted me to bust out my shorts that day. I was a very happy girl. Shorts & grub; My kind of Saturday.

Forever21 jacket// Express Sweater// Old shorts// Ecote Booties// Rayban sunglasses 


Now, let's change into something more comfortable so that we can get to the food trucks faster. I want to be comfortable when I am stuffed and a food baby is bursting out of my flesh. 

Boom. Nike Frees Fo' LYFE.

Note: I was way too excited and anxious to eat that day. In the end, the pictures came out like crap and half assed because either I bit into it and forgot to take the picture, or took a picture of the food really quick so I can get my grub on. No regrets. You can just trust that it was amazing.

This hot dog had roast pork, sharp provolone, and some special sauce. In other words, hot dog on level EXTREME.

This is where my heart stopped. I love cheese. 

This here, my lover baby bottoms, is called the Heart Attack mac and cheese. 
"Of course you would order that", said my boyfriend. I don't understand why he is so surprised. 
This baby right here consists of mac & cheese, parmesan cheese, and BACON. I want to cry, because I miss it so much. 

To top it off, we had cupcakes. So much better than the ones that I've attempted to make (still completely scarred by the way). Butterscotch was my fave!

Our most important visit was my boyfriend's friend's friend's food truck (yeah, keep up). They had selections from Bulgolgi tacos, to Vietnamese Banh Mi. It was definitely Korean with a twist.

I am still suffering from the itis. Hope you guys had as much food and sun as I did! xo.

xx TM

[Photos by Justin Pizzi]

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