Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not So Clean

I've been a bad girl. I don't know why I wanted to say that, but I have.

I was in a very good work out and eat clean health kick for months. I've gotten into such good shape that I've challenged every single living thing into some sort of a match- Watch me open this jar in 3 seconds. Watch me carry this huge massive thing up the stairs, all while holding my breathe. Yeah, I became a nut job. But a healthy one to say the least.

It all went down hill when my week just blows. I get into this mood where I am miserable, and a burger will help me feel better. And you know what? It did. No shame, food makes me happy. So whatever, I am going to be happy.

Snapping back into reality, I have to stop this nonsense. It is going to get hotter out, and I am not trying to wear a whole entire outfit at the beach. That's just more laundry for me.

Salmon Burger with honey mustard glaze & sweet potato fries

Crab Benedict with home fries

Roti Canai (Malaysian/Thai dish) 

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