Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dew the Dew - Day 1

 I always do this awkward thing where it rains all week where I live - Then I go on vacation and get dark as heck from tanning - Then I would come back home being the darkest creature on the planet in a rainy, not-so-sunny environment.

It's awkward because people would probably think, "Dang girl, we haven't seen the sun in years! Why are you the color of the night compared to us pale folk?"

My friends and I went to Dewey Beach, Delaware for Memorial Day weekend. It is a mile long beach, with tons of bars and rock band joints scattered all over it. It was such a good time, it was almost like I forgot how to have fun. 
H&M Denim Jacket// Blue hoodie// Forever 21 Striped Dress

Th0se pictures above are way too calm for a person like me. Let's move the body & make things awkward.

Almost there.....


These pictures were also taken after I had my first jam session. There was this bar (that did NOT look like a bar) and they have bands that come in and just rock out on stage. It was like a concert...inside a bar - And that's pretty damn sweet in my book.

TM xx

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