Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wish that Mi casa was Fendi

I've been a little busy bumble bee. I am running around in 3 different states - sometimes I forget what state I'm in. I sincerely need to hire an assistant to assist me on living my life, because I am losing it.

Yesterday, I've had the opportunity to work an event at Fendi Casa. This pent house is legit decked out in Fendi - Fendi Vase, Fendi rug, Fendi bed, etc. I am quite surprised the toilet paper wasn't Fendi. It would have been a cool conversation starter to say that I've used a Fendi toilet paper to wipe my butt.....


Anyways, it was a brilliant place that became full of people. It was nice to watch the sunset over Manhattan with bunch of strangers drunk off of wine and tequila. People were extra friendly.

Well, here are some pictures of my crib - 3 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms, blah blah. 

I am standing in the bathroom - How awesome would it be to just jump right into the bed after a bath through that window? I mean, I would break a neck, but I would have the option to do that - and that is awesome.

Can't have a party without tequila. Is it wrong that I almost stole an empty bottle from the recycling bin? I know I am such a hoarder, but pretty bottles fascinate me.

Like the child I am, I jumped onto this bed - It wasn't soft. I almost broke a rib.

TM xx

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