Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Scream

Ice. Cream. Festival.
The thought of it made me heel over and die from pure excitement. Who's idea was it to have such a thing? Please tell me so I can give them a high five and a fist pump for the most genius idea. 
But it wasn't until later when I found out that it was both heaven and hell on earth.
Now, let me tell you why.

$7 gets you a spoon and endless amount of ice cream. My man friend and I literally paid, stepped in, and had 3 cups of ice cream in our hands. No talking was needed - We were too busy keeping up with all the kids and their tower of ice cream cups. About 5th cup in, I was pretty sure I was seeing things. At one point, I stood still in the middle of the tent not knowing what to do with myself. It was like I overdosed in ice cream - these kids who ate more than me are monsters - Straight up monsters, I tell ya.

All for a good cause though! All proceeds go to a leukemia foundation for kids. Hell, I'll eat more ice cream till I cry tears of Ben & Jerry!

Urban Outfitters tank// Forever21 ribbon shorts// Ciao Bella flats// Rayban sunglasses

xx TM
[Photos by Justin Pizzi]

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