Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just Your T-Shirt On

I don't wear regular T-shirts, but when I do - They are freakishly cool.

I made a few friends from Choonimals back when I was an intern for Warner Music Group. They were pretty chill and their story about how Choonimals came to light was very inspirational. They are a walking example of "you can be inspired from anything, by anyone, and anywhere".

This T-shirt is on another level because I was told it was 3D - My shirt can eat yours alive. 

Paying homage to them, I am wearing their tee. I'm in love with it because I love having things that not a lot of people have seen or even own. It is different from those generic T-shirts, and I love it when I see people walking down the street pointing at my shirt. 

Workin' it! You already know.

T-shirt from Choonimals// Urban Outfitters shorts// Urban Outfitters boat shoes// Rayban sunglasses

xx TM

[Photos by Justin Pizzi]

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  1. love it.... shirt fit well look good and I would recommend this to anyone thinking about buy it and great price. also I would recommended tie dye CD110 5.4 Oz