Monday, July 1, 2013

Loner status: On

I am an aries. 
(Yes, I believe in astrology. So what?) 
As an Aries, I am stubborn, a go-getter, a can't-stop-won't-stop attitude, blah blah blah - basically anything that you can incorporate with a fire sign in a boss status wayWhich goes to say that we, Aries, think that we are the best sign everrrrrrrr. Just kidding. Well, half kidding. 


And as an Aries, I do not like being alone. I, for one, cannot go to a movie alone nor can I sit alone in a restaurant and eat by myself. I love having company. I just like having someone with me to share memories with, have a conversation with, exchange opinions with.

Maybe none of those preference has to do anything with astrology. Maybe it's just me and I like to make excuses for everything.  

But today during my break, I took a quick trip to my favorite museum - The Metropolitan.  I've been to this museum so many times with friends, but today I've decided to throw on my big girl pants and walk around by myself. 

Long story short; It was peaceful. And even though I've been here a million times, it is so different when you wander, learn, and get lost by yourself.

It is healthy to be by yourself sometimes.

xx TM

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