Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chilling Out, Maxing, Relaxing All Cool

As you get older and you're getting your life together, you tend to forget how to balance your job and friends. 

Sometimes I have to tell myself, "Guurrrlll, stop kicking butt and taking names for a hot minute and hang out with your friends before you have no one to invite to your wedding." (I know, it's weird that I think about that kinda stuff. It's equivalent to no one showing up to your birthday party. Nightmare.)

But what my problem really is that, when I finally have a day off, the last thing I want to do is put pants and a bra on and walk out that door. Yes, it's a real struggle. No judging. I am sure you find yourself pant-less and tried to find an excuse to get out of spontaneous plans your friends had sprung on you. 

But not today!

I visited my best friend between her classes today. It's funny how I graduated college and I am still on campus all the time. That's what I get for having friends in medical school and such. They're going to be in school forever and make bank once they get out. 

Just another reason why I am trying harder to keep them around -y'know what I'm saying? ($$$$$) HA!

It is also nice to have those friends where you can do absolutely nothing together, and still have a great time. I have to give that cake to my best friend, Lily. Always a good time, anytime, and anywhere. 

Thanks for the impromptu photo shoot in my car. It was a challenge that I tossed out to you and we did pretty well!

Don't worry, we were parked- just had to say it.

Rayban sunglasses// 7 For All Mankind plaid shirt// Transformers tank// Forever21 shorts// Call It Spring boots

xx TM

[Photos by Lilyann Hoang]

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