Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out Of the Box

I don't like a lot of prints. I'm a simple kinda gal.
So, when you throw mixture of patterns in front of me, my eyes cross over and I get a headache.

Okay, that's a little dramatic. My point is, I like sticking with stripes and solids- maybe I'll throw in a little bit of a polka dot action. That's my comfort zone.

So it amazes me how I came across this floral one-piece in my closet back from, I don't know, high school? I mean, it's not that I liked patterns back then either.

Anyways, cutting to the chase, I put that bad boy on and challenged myself to feel comfortable in it.
I would of course have to pair it with black high-waisted shorts to tone it down a bit.  

Happy to say, I am glad to know that I can wear something out of my usual style. It's all about making the item your own and to wear IT - don't let it wear you, boo!

Forever 21 one-piece
Forever 21 High-waisted shorts
Nine West booties

btw...PUMPKIN EVERY THANGGGG is here!!!!

xx TM

[Photos by Justin Pizzi]

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