Monday, October 14, 2013

Bean(ie) There, Done That

I always feel like I am up to no good when I wear a beanie. 
What is it about this piece of fabric sitting on the perimeter of my head that makes me feel this way?
Maybe I just need to get out more. That might be it. 

I am so flippin' excited that I get to bust out my beanie and knee-high boots again. It makes my lazy outfit into a "Not too shabby of an ensemble, sistah" outfit. Knee-high boots are SO in this season, it is a little difficult to ignore. With that being said, I am on the hunt for a nice black pair. 

(Checks bank account)

Or maybe I'll wait......

Neff Beanie// 
Uniqlo Cardigan// H&M Dress
Uniqlo Knee-High Socks// Call It Spring Boots

xx TM

[Photos by Justin Pizzi]

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