Monday, January 13, 2014

Foodie Patootie

"People who love to eat are always the best people" - Julia Child

Growing up with a very cultural background, I've eaten many things that many wouldn't be able to stomach (or even smell). If it can breathe or bleed I am pretty sure I've consumed it. No bugs though - I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than eat bugs. 

I've always been a food person. I love discovering new places to get my grub on and try different edibles in unfamiliar places. Just like how a simple T-Shirt can have different styles to it, food can be the same. It can be from the way it is cooked, adorned with spices or even how it is grown, these forms of sustenance have many variations to them and I must try them all. The thrill of finding something new intrigues me to never stop discovering good eats. It is also a problem in disguise because I do not know when to stop eating- I eat until I cry from pain. Who's with me?!

I generally hate donuts. They don't excite me in anyway, but a fellow blogger babe of mine, Lynn (, went on a trip to Philadelphia and found Federal Donuts. I was a bit surprised that I've never heard of it before because my bf is from Philly. Donuts, chicken, and coffee - enough said. So naturally, we had to try these bad boys out. They had donuts with flavors that you cannot find at your local Dunkin Donuts or deli. Flavors like cookies & cream, pumpkin spice latte and vanilla-lavender. These definitely changed my mind about donuts.  I am ashamed to say that they never made it into pictures because we had devoured it before I could think of snapping a shot. 

And as for the wings and coffee, let's just say that the thought of it is making me drool right now. 

 Cardigan- Calvin Klein | Plaid- 7 for All ManKind | Shirt- Forever21
Skirt- H&M | Socks- Uniqlo | Boots- Enzo Angiolini
Necklaces 1 & 2- Urban Outfitters

xx TM

[Photos by Justin Pizzi]

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