Thursday, February 27, 2014

Packing On

I am a professional over-packer. I can go on a two days trip and pack enough for two whole weeks. It is an illness and I cannot help it. My mental thought process would be like this: 
Should I pack a sweater? Well, what kind of sweaters? Chunky? What if I get too hot? Off the shoulder? What if it that's too boring? Cropped? Heck, let's just pack all the sweaters in my closet just incase.

It drives my boyfriend MAD because he would be the one that is lugging my mobile closet around. I dared myself recently and limited the amount of clothing that I could pack. I succeeded, but the amount of anxiety I had during that time was unreal and unnecessary. 

Although the whole process may have caused me to have high-blood pressure (a little over-dramatic), I find the challenge of making an outfit out of the limited amount of clothes in my suitcase to be quite amusing. It forces me to use my imagination and find more ways to layer and reuse my clothes.

What's your method on how to pack light? Do you drive yourself insane like I do? Is there therapy for this?!

Glasses- Rayban | Infinity Scarf- Urban Outfitters 
| Sweater- Zara | Dress- H&M | Socks- Uniqlo | Boots- Call It Spring

xx TM
photo cred: Justin Pizzi

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