Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brain Food

Ever since I've graduated college, I had this fear that my brain will just rot and wither. And eventually, I will soon forget how to speak like I didn't know english all my life. I have this irrational fright that I'm just going to be, simply put, stupid since I am no longer in school.

That is why I like to read and take a day trip to museums to keep my mind running. Science museums are my favorite kind of museums because I am a huge science nerd. Before fashion, I wanted to become a biologist or some sort of awesome dinosaur expert (Yeah, you read that right). I also like putting my head in a T-Rex's mouth and pretend that I am getting eaten too.

Hey, I might be learning everyday, but I will never grow up.

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xx TM

Photo Credit: Justin Pizzi

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