Sunday, March 23, 2014

We All Met in New York

Now, before you think that I am a bigger nerd than I actually am...Yes! I am at a museum again, but it wasn't for my own fancy. I am at my favorite, Metropolitan Museum, because I want to show my friends from Philly how museums are done in the Big Apple. I understand that my love for New York may sound a little egotistical. I am aware that New York isn't the only best city in the world (but it comes pretty dang close). Something about the museums in New York City seems a little bit more magical. And when you've finished basking in the wonders of all things history and art, what other city offers hot dog street carts right outside? New York City, that's where.

But anyways...

Cue Alicia Keys & Jay Z's "Empire State Of Mind", please. 

Sweater - H&M | Jeans - Di-D | Booties - Urban Outfitter | Bag - Mango

xx TM
Photos by Justin Pizzi

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  1. Yes to the pattern of the pants; it adds a little more drama to black!