Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mellow Yellow

Sweater season is almost over and it is a bittersweet goodbye! With all my food adventures, it will definitely be a lot harder to hide my food baby without them. Especially this old Super Dry sweater I got at a random vintage store last year. Nothing like a a warm hug of love out of a bright yellow cashmere sweater that says, "Hey girl, eat another piece of that pie. I gotchu - no one will ever notice that you have five pounds of food in your belly."

You will be missed, my little sweater friends! 

Sweater - Super Dry | Pants - Zara | Glasses - Warby Parker 
 Bag - Michael Kors | Shoes - Urban Outfitters

 xx TM
[Photo cred: Justin Pizzi]


  1. Yes to the shoes; they bring the look together!


  2. Just stopping by from Tyxo! Gorgeous outfit, LOVE the yellow! :)