Monday, May 12, 2014

The Cow Goes Moo

I've been craving burgers lately. Craving as in, "I must eat one now or else I will have to bite a penguin's face off" kinda crave. You probably can't relate to that intense need for a burger but I seriously love them with my soul.

Get me a burger to show me our love is real.

Five Guys - 
My number one quick fast food go-to for burgers. I will always order the "Little Cheeseburger, all the way"! "All the way" meaning I would like BBQ, mustard, pickles, hot sauce, and basically all of their condiments they have on deck stacked on my burger. My boyfriend always remind me that I don't need all of that extra condiments, but he simply cannot control me. 

PYT, Philly - 
This is the Kalbi Burger. Which is my second favorite because it is Korean beef topped with Kimchi. This invention is pure genius, but of course it doesn't exist anymore. They took it off the menu and I teared up and asked them how they can do such a thing. The server had no idea either. Excuse me, still heart broken.

Ruby's, NY-
I would stop the earth's rotation for this burger. Best burger of my life. I even brought my toughest food critic to this small nook in Manhattan and even he can't get over it. He ended up ordering two in one sitting, which is pretty sick. Bonus is that all the servers have Australian accents. Extra bonus is that it is right around the corner to Rice to Riches. 

I need to get my face in a burger now. Stat!

xx TM

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