Friday, May 16, 2014

Peace of Mine

 I don't wear T-Shirts but when I do...they're all cut up and full of holes. I love basic items with attitude to them. What's the point of fashion if you can't have some fun? And it baffles my parents why I always have shirts with missing pieces- for which I would simply reply...

" 'Cause #fashion. That's why." 

Yep, hashtag and all. I guess that's when they decided not to question me anymore because that  had confirmed to them that I've gone insane. 

Summer is coming, so where can you get clothes that have spunk?, of course. Stay tune because we both are going to have a giveaway! 

Shirt - Shop Ardour | Shorts - Hue | Socks - Courtesy of Nylon Magazine

I can't get over these socks. 

xx TM

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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