Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sound Is Creativity

What. A. Freakin'. Week. 

Master & Dynamic launched their brand spankin' new headphones and they entered the world with a big 'ol BANG (and a ton of Corzo tequila, might I add)! Their headphones aren't JUST a simple headphone. They call it a "Thinking Cap" and let me tell you why, my dear brilliant friends. These new toys are viewed like so, because music inspires creativity. Ideas derive from sound and music, so when you need some inspiration, put on your thinking cap, blast your music, let the sound make your move.

All in all, these bad boys are a must have and it was a great launch. What amazed me were the Make Fake Love installations. These brilliant group of people made the walls come to life with sound through their interactive lazer lights installation. With a touch and a swift move, they make music right in front of you. I was freakin' out when I did the test run because let's be real, technology can be pretty darn scary.

**IPhone photos alert!

Dear Master & Dynamic Team,
You guys sure know how to party with all that tequila, but it was a Tuesday night and I can't hang like that. It breaks my heart. </3

Dress - Guess | Shoes - Nine West

xx TM 

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