Monday, July 28, 2014

Just For Hue (Part 2)

Ah, my last outfit for Hue's Fall Collection. Seeing this outfit again makes me crave the fall season. Pumpkin beer, sweaters, boots, knee-high socks, and did I mention sweaters? All the elements that makes me who I am. It's practically my uniform for the fall and winter season. But let's not forget leather jackets. Goodness, I cannot wait until I bust that out again!

What are your fall/winter essentials? Are you a sweater and leather jacket freak like me? 
If so, let's hang. But don't forget the pumpkin beer.

Sweater - Mango | Shorts - Mango | Socks - Hue | Boots - Bar III

xx TM 

Photos by Justin Bridges (@bybridges)

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