Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Color Confidence

I see August as a month of changes. And for the kids going back to school, I see a whole lot of tears too. May it be a new school year, starting a new project, beginning a new job, or even going on a final adventure to end the summer- changes are happening and it's happening fast. This inevitable alteration is occurring for me as well and I'll openly admit that I am absolutely terrified. But I was once told, it's okay to feel nervous- it keeps you on your toes and life simply wouldn't be fun without this necessary yet frivolous fear. 

So I'm blue (ba da dee da ba die) - the color of confidence! Wear it, drown in it, breathe it, and own it. Here's a toast to you and I for going through these adjustments in the upcoming months. I am here for ya if you get frustrated and need a shoulder to cry on. I am also available to bake some cupcakes too if you want to eat your feelings. I am TOTES down for that. 

Sweater - Guess | Romper - Forever 21 | Shoes - Steve Madden

xx TM

Photo by Justin Pizzi

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