Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Grey Matter

Ever get a haircut and it makes you feel some type of way? As in, with this haircut I feel a bit more moody and dramatic. Ever since I cropped the wild beast on my head, I can't even walk out the door without wearing my maroon lipstick. It just creates a whole new look. I know, I know - what a drama queen.

It takes something as simple as that - a haircut - to change your perspective. With that said, it is nice to modify or adjust a few things to see or feel differently. It is always fun to play different characters in your life when it gets too serious. It's the only way to keep your sweet self sane in this world. Have fun, role play, spoil yourself and let your freak flag fly. Or get your eyebrows done - I always feel like a brand new woman after that. Funny how little it takes to wake up your brain and change up your senses. 

Dress - H&M | Watch - Guess | Shoes - Aldo

xx TM
Photos by Justin Pizzi

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