Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NYFW '15 Walk-Thru

Maison Jules Presentation

Boy, it is way too quiet on this side of the Mississippi River after NYFW. I'm home by at least 8pm everyday, not breaking a sweat, and most importantly, not worrying about being late for a show/meet/rendezvous/*cough* happy hour.

I miss the thrill but then I remembered - this is my job and it'll never stop. And guys, I hope you find this happiness because it is a feeling of satisfaction and pure utter bliss. 

Let me quickly walk you through my week of madness. 

Betty Autier  (Leblogdebetty.com) at Maison Jules Presentation

Thank you Teekay (fashionpastry.fr) for hosting us girls at Empire Hotel. You are a gem and I adore you.

Nicholas K. - I can live in this collection for the rest of my life and I'll be okay with it. Preferably with a camel. 

FYI, Leah Da Gloria, this is my wedding dress. Thank you for creating it.

Met some cool kids at DKNY's after party.

Whoops, sorry. Ran out of hand gestures and f---s to give (I cared a little when I typed that).

I still have dreams about this Simon G ring. I'm in love with it.

Thank you Tumblr and W Mag for gifting me this ridiculous nail polish. I will take it to my grave because it's so nice.

Say "Hi" and "Bye" to Jeremy Scott's and Miley's back because it was my last show of the season. It was perfect. Still crying.

Just look at his 'stache. Of course I neededed a picture.

Last but not least, my fabulous Fashion Girlfriend, Lynn (neckbreakinstyle.com). Thank you for the laughs, invites, great times and for accepting my drinking problem (which is not a problem). 

And of course, thank you everyone for making it such a great NYFW season.
 *Drops Mic*

xx TM

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