Monday, September 22, 2014

NYFW - Sweat It Off

Is summer really over? Can someone seriously build me a time machine or get me a one-way ticket to California - with a job and home already arranged before I get there?

This shoot was taken on the 3rd or 4th day of NYFW and I was sweating like a hairy man or an over-weight dog (sorry hairy men and fat dogs - no disrespect). It was one of the last few days New York City had a heat wave. My fellow fashion friends and I tried to keep ourselves put together as possible without melting our faces off when we ran off to shows. I, on the other hand, never wear pants to begin with. Thus, my outfit can easily be passed off as a typical Tina Maria outfit minus the glistening sweat that's escaping from every pore on my body. I know, I'm super cute right? 

Sunglasses - Rayban | Shirt Dress - gifted | Blouse - Guess | Shoes - Call It Spring

xx TM

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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