Monday, October 27, 2014


I had brunch with a bunch of my guy friends the other day and they had told me that I was hard to please. I was shocked and immediately became defensive. I am TOTES not hard to please! How DARE they! This implausible conversation was brought onto our perfectly marbled table when a friend asked how I felt about a girl he had brought out the night before. Mind you, he did this before I had my cup of coffee... Pink bubble gums, soft puppies and all nice things pushed to the side I'll admit it, I didn't like her.  Only because she had made me and my friends uncomfortable. And only because she is obviously not the kind of girl I want a good friend to be hanging around with. I tried to like her, I even complimented her beautiful shoes!

Real talk, real quick: People's vibes are toxic - the good and the bad. It is true when they say you are who you surround yourself with. Great spirits and inspiring people will lift you up. As for the souls that seek nothing but bad energy and unethical motives, they will only drag you down and deter your path to success. Whether that is in career, love, or just generally being a good effin' person.

So no, I am not hard to please. I just want the best for myself and for everyone that I have great energy with. And with that mind-set, I'd like to pass this onto you, my readers and friends.

I feel like this post should end with all of us singing, "Kumbaya". 

Sweater - H&M | Skirt - Charlotte Russe | Boots - Urban Outfitters | Bag - Michael Kors 

 xx TM
Photos by Justin Pizzi

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