Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Out Bound

Being in the fashion industry is scary- the socializing part that is. But then again, socializing in real life in general can be pretty intimidating too. Sometimes you just want to find a hole and stay there with a bag of chips. No matter how many times you have told yourself or as much as you have preached to your peers about self-confidence, we will always care what others think about ourselves. Even if it's a tiny bit, it is human nature and it happens. It takes incredible will and practice to not care how people view you as an individual. Sometimes you just have to say "fuck it" and do whatever makes you happy. And in many cases, we do just that. You go, Glen Coco!

I for one, sometimes still struggle with this unnecessary predicament. And because of my lack of self-confidence, it'll lead me to shut away potential friendships, missing parties with great networks, or make myself look and feel straight-up awkward for no reason. Thoughts start to run through my head: Who am I to be surrounded by these people? I'm not good enough to talk to them. They're going to think my outfit is stupid. Why did I just say that - now they think I'm a total idiot! And it goes on...

It's high school again and I still feel like I can't hang with the cool kids sometimes. When I express this insane personal struggle to my friends, they thought I was crazy because I'm a fashion/lifestyle blogger for crying out loud, I meet all these amazingly creative people, I am also blessed to attend to many coveted events and parties. They had no freakin' idea. I am incredibly blessed with all these opportunities and I should be confident to be where I am today. And I can be. And I am. Many cases, I try to snap myself out of it and 90% of the time, I am able to. *snap snap*

It is a learning experience and I have challenged myself in many ways to step out of bound, out of my comfort zone, let loose, and not be afraid to speak my mind and be myself in the fashion world and in my personal world. No doubt that I am weird, I am awkward, I say stupid things, and sometimes my outfit doesn't make any sorts of sense. But I am getting better at accepting myself each and every day. It's a great reminder that I am human and I am cool as heck. 

So, let yo' freak flag fly, babes.

Jacket - All Saints | Sweater - Guess | Pants - Zara | Boots - Dolce Vita

xx TM
Photos by Justin Pizzi

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