Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bag It

When I was told to pick an outfit for our "Sweater Party" photoshoot a couple of weeks ago (which was Tuesday and was freakin' awesome, btw) I had to choose the biggest sweater with my signature leather shorts. Something is so comforting about loose fitted clothing. It's as if they are a blanket of security for all of my self-doubts and protection from the Arctic weather that NY love having. They also play the role of that one good friend who doesn't judge your impeccable skill of devouring everything in sight. That's because they got your back. You eat that extra croissant, boo boo. Your Sweater Friend will hide your food baby for you until the next hour when you decide to stuff your face in cupcakes.

Thanks for those who came out to our event! It was filled with laughs, good conversations, and a whole lot of sweaters. All the things I love in life.

Shorts - {EM}Reservoir | Hand Jewelry - Abby Carnevale Jewelry | Cardigan - Giu Giu | Shoes - Dolce Vita | Backpack - Cuero & Mor | Beanie - Sunghee Bang | Sweater - Kotoba 

Photos by Pedro (@theangelmorales)

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