Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shade & Grace

How to stay relevant with all the Art Basel madness going on in Miami right now? Just post up pictures of you about a week ago in South Beach Miami of course. Spoiler alert: It is not the same thing as being in Miami during Art Basel. Womp. 

The relevancy of this post however, has to do with what is on my face - my Monsoon Sunglasses from Dharma Eyewear Co.. I'm a sucker for bold statements because I am such a simple girl. It is that one piece that sets your outfit into place (or lack of outfit in this post) or it can stand strongly by itself. This particular adornment is just that and a step more. A purchase of Dharma glasses will give proper vision care to those who cannot afford an eye examination or prescription glasses. 

Give a gift of some sweet shades this holiday season while also giving the gift of sight. It is a win win situation for everyone involved and you know what they always say about Karma...

It rhymes with "it toes are brown".

Dharma & Co. Glasses  | Triangl Swimwear | Forever21 Pants

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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