Thursday, January 8, 2015

Young Chill

I forget what it is like to not wear four layers of clothing. I am wearing pants every single day - the freakin' horror. As I woke up in bed and do my ritual social media run-through, I found out that NYC decided to be Antartica at 7 degrees. So yes, I definitely wore more than one pants today with a scarf wrapped around my entire head. I did not need to see where I was going, I felt like I needed to keep my face from freezing off my head. 

What a fitting post this is on a Thursday, as this is a throwback to a month and a half ago. When the air was just getting crisp and I was flirting with the young chill of the incoming winter with bare legs. This was probably one of the last time of the year when I was able to be in my complete uniform - denim, leather and legs. It is funny how certain essentials makes you feel complete. I am also not myself if I am not sporting red bold lips either. I feel like a straight-up dried-out dragon without it.

Mango Jacket | H&M Denim Shirt | H&M Leather Shorts | Uniqlo Socks | Urban Outfitters Boots  

Photos by @LynnKimDo