Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brick by Brick

My effort in looking sultry got me looking straight Asian instead. The struggle.

Hello from Las Vegas! I've managed to escape from the madness of Mother Nature over on the East Coast for work here in LV. Yeah, I missed out on New York Fashion Week, but being able to wear shorts is 1000 times better than being in an igloo. I did however miraculously and without sleep, make it to some shows and events. Best believe those pictures will be thrown up on Jean Rex soon. 

I am blessed with where I am in my life - I worked my ass off for it. All the moments when I am constantly on my feet, meeting inspirational people, jet-setting across the country, and taking care of fun business, leaves me in a very content and satisfied state of mind. As lame as it is, the world is seriously your damn oyster and you got it in your hands, baby. It's a struggle - you will cry and you will want to give up and say fcuk it. Of course, the best things in life aren't easy to grasp. And if you want it, you can have it with the price of a minor heart attack and stress wrinkles. But it is so worth it and I hope you, my fellow readers and friends, find this great bliss like I have as well. 

Apologies in advance if I am all over the place with the main concept of this post. I'm on the struggle bus this morning here in Sin City. Please send help and an advil.

(Pictures not of me in Vegas, but me trying to keep stay alive in freezing New York)

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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