Friday, February 20, 2015

Cat Call

How fitting - as I am setting up this post, my friend's cat just crawled up to me and sat on my laptop. Cats are so smart, they are the only thing that can be such pricks and still get your attention whenever it wants. Perks of being a furball, I guess. But just like babies, I'm not good with cats. They seem to hate me and will only give me the time of day when they want something from me - i.e. milk and a belly rub (from both).

We should all be like cats and not give a flying toot about the little things that don't  affect us in the long run. All the things that bothers you will eventually go away. May it be a person that doesn't treat you right or when you come across a group of people with a "you can't sit with us" attitude - laugh it off, walk away, and move onto the next. Pay attention to whatever makes you happy and to other souls who have their head out of their asses. They deserve your time and energy. Who knows, they might change your life.

P.S I'm allergic to cats, but it's okay. They're pretty effin' cute.

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Photos by Justin Pizzi

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