Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crop It Out

People have asked me if I own a full length shirt. I do, but it can be 9am on a Saturday morning and I will want to wear a damn crop top. So I will wear one and freeze to death with the satisfaction that I feel like a total badass. Fashion over function sometimes feeds my soul, y'dig?

I'll admit - I get insecure like everyone. Don't be mind blown when I tell you that I am human too. Insecurity from the fact that I'm not dressed like how a normal person should be in 20 degree weather and also from the fact that I have the nerve to be in a crop top when I'm lacking in the ripped abs department. I like to eat and I don't work out, sue me. But I've learned to thrive off of the feeling of irony and a little bit of stupidity. And in all honestly, it's fun, daring, a great conversation starter (like how I'm missing half my shirt), and memorable. 

However, I don't condone walking out butt naked to make a statement. Show some skin if you dare, but cover something up! 

Zara Jacket | H&M Shirt | H&M Jeans | Mia Booties

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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