Thursday, February 26, 2015

Upper Hand


That word never really affected me when I was younger and in my early teen years. That's only because I wasn't aware of it and the power behind it. Like they always say about adolescents, I was young and naive (a.k.a. dumb). I just lived my life carelessly and if things did not happen my way, I just cried and bitched about it. And then I move on, while still crying and bitching about it.

Now, I've learned that control is my tool to success and self appreciation. Like a super power, it was something I had all along. I just didn't know how to use it and how to use it well and to my advantage. I gradually acknowledged that I have the dominance over many things: the way I feel, the way I carry myself, the things that come out of my mouth and the actions I take that makes me who I am and where I am today.

I control those things and only I can navigate myself onto the path of pure stupid happiness.

My weakest control however, is the power to control my feelings and not let others persuade it - envy, disappointment, stress, self-pity... It is frustrating how a person can intentionally or unintentionally make me feel the need to punch them in the face out of rage, be jealous of whatever it is that makes me envious, or feel left out, uncool, not good enough.

But I've learned it is only me who can sway this negative energy in a different direction. Just like how I can control my future, my life and my actions, I can manage to control my perspective on life, people, and the world around me. With this open mind set and ability to not take others so seriously, I can focus in what matters most - my own future, my own life and my own actions. See? Control.

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