Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Broken House

Relationships - big or small. It's a mind game, I swear. Not necessarily talking about a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, that's a whole 'nother monster I do not want to talk about. I'm talking about the sweet and oh so innocent, "friendships". 

I've grown up a whole lot within five years. I went from a zit-faced-bangs-in-her-eyes freak to a no-zit-face-no-bangs-in-her-eyes freak, because bangs were the devil and gave me zits. See? Progress. 

Like bangs (and zits) friends come and go. Which is hard for me to swallow because I like to keep everyone in my life. You know, like Pokemons. Though some situations are spewed to be the generic: starting a new career, starting a new family, live far away, decides to be friends with animals instead, etc. They can be hard and sometimes understandable. And I'm not going to even lie, I use some of those excuses, along with what we all know too well, "I'm too busy".

People fall out and it's okay. You can't expect them to stick around forever. They were a part of you for a good bit, watched you grow, and they are meant to move on. That's just how the universe works. 

But I've also learned to let go of people who won't make time for you. If all you hear is nonsense coming out of their end repeatedly, it's not worth your time and energy to force a relationship or a "hangout". If they wanted your company, they will make time for it. And vice versa for yourself. 

People come and go, and this rock is gonna roll. 

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Photos by Justin Pizzi

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