Monday, March 30, 2015

Self Evolution

Happy Monday, babes. My last week as a 24 year old and possibly, the last week I can stop pretending that I am 18. I kind of wish I documented my style evolution - all the way back to my baggy jeans, big t-shirt, Phat Farms sneaker days. Yikes! 

I've changed for the better when it comes to style coordination. A bit of a bias opinion, but I believe I have progressed and expressed myself through clothing that fits appropriately to my mood, my age, and my interests at any point in time till now. I feel now, as I am turning a year older, a year heavily scrutinized as the year of "quarter-life crisis", I am very content and confident with how I look and how I carry myself. As for that crisis, I almost had one -  I was about to purchase this beautiful Isabel Marant number but decided that my ass doesn't need a new pair of heels I may not be able to walk in. (Maybe later, though)

Here's to being 25 years young.

Woodzee Sunglasses | Mango Jacket | Zara Shirt | Guess Jeans | Call It Spring Heels

Pictures by Justin Pizzi

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