Tuesday, March 24, 2015


My mom hates my hair cut. "Why would you do that? I like your hair long. You look so good with long hair" - cue the eye roll. Because Mother, I shed like a dog, New York's winter was brutal, it attacks people's faces and a girl can comb her hair for about 10 minutes before she gives up. I, just like, can't.

Along with my major hair trim, I strangely feel a lot more confident. I can now really play up my dark, feminine, edgy expression even better. Don't get me wrong, I could've done it before, but it was a lot harder to look like a bad ass when you look like Pocahontas.

Spring cleaning isn't only great for objects that you have no use for. Spring cleaning should be done for the internal being as well as external. Get rid of everything, dear! Emotionally and physically. You'll have a lot less to care for. And less shampoo and conditioner you have to buy...


All Saints Jacket | Guess Crop Sweater | Urban Outfitters Dress | Hue Socks | Urban Outfitters boots | Michael Kors Bag

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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