Monday, March 9, 2015

Soul Sister

I did a little bit of soul searching this past weekend. I enjoy doing this often when my mind is clogged up; when at times I feel like there is nothing original in the world and I have seen it all. It's like pressing the mental “refresh” button. My ancient soul (which is about 1,150 years ago according to this online quiz I took…) is telling me to do something new. The only difference was that I wasn't alone.

I was told that I run my life on logic and not on emotions. I mean I knew that, I just never said it out loud. I play by the books and I suppress my feelings and do things because it needed to be done, it had to be done and also because everyone is counting on me – it really didn’t matter if my heart was into it or not. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I play it safe and sometimes I play by the rules. Dammit! I am such a nerd.

It helps when the universe works in your favor and connects you with your spiritual twin without you realizing it; The person who has the substance you lack and can learn from. And it’s okay, because in return, the same person is seeking for the same thing from you. It's easier on my part when that person is my roommate, who honestly, came into my life pretty randomly and quick. Life is pretty nifty for throwing you a bone when you need it most.

So here’s to letting lose and going over boundaries with that spiritual twin. Learn to accept things on our own terms and let everyone’s opinions be background noise. Say what needs to be said and let that freak flag fly even... freakin’.... higher.

Photos by @nyc_chrispayne
Fellow blogger/ Spiritual Twin: @LynnKimDo from Neckbreakin' Style

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