Friday, April 10, 2015

Coa-chillin at Coachella

I'll admit - my ass is not going to Coachella this year. It breaks my little gypsy heart. But it's a good thing Central Park is in our backyard and we, the Babes at 6B, have the heart of a child. So in the end, we put on our fringes, picked out our sunnies, found our tie-dyes and we played pretend.

What we cannot pretend to ignore is the fact that it was 30 degrees in NYC.

Happy festival season! Rage on.

Video & Edit by Chris Payne
6B Babe - Lynn Kim Do (@LynnKimDo) from Neckbreakin' Style

Clothes from Shop Ardour
Hat from Eugenia Kim
Handbags and Ring from Alekka

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