Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Personal with Madewell

Dear Madewell,

Thanks for putting my name on it.

I don't ever have anything personalized. I guess I never came around to personalizing my things because I feel that it's some sort of a commitment. I can't ever sell it or give it away if I end up disliking it. Otherwise, somebody will have to pretend to be either Tina, Maria, or both Tina Maria. I don't think they can handle that - that's a lot of names to remember. And also, it'll be a battle for me to pick a name and have it engraved on physical things.

In conclusion, I don't do it. Problem solved. But Madewell broke that cherry and gave me my very own denim shirt with my name scripted out on front. First of all, DENIM is my weakness. So Madewell just tickled my pickle. The boyfriend fit makes it easily the number one essential of things to have in your possession. Sorry in advance if you see me wearing this shirt in multiple posts and I dare you stop me from incorporating it into every single outfit.

First fit, I wore it to a baseball game - Denim and baseball just goes together and I had no idea what to wear. Another thank you to Madewell, for saving my ass.

c/o Madewell Denim Shirt | Wood Wood Cap | All Saints Leather Jacket | Guess Jeans | New Balance Sneakers | Breda Watch | H&M Collar Necklace

Photos by Justin Pizzi

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