Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shifting Silhouettes

This is probably my new favorite set of pictures. Maybe it's because I look like the baddest, meanest, hippest nurse on the block; I can easily have at least 10 years of experience under my belt because I am on my way to check your temperature in red mules and all my gadgets in the most obnoxious yellow backpack on the planet. 

Playing with different silhouettes against the colors of my surroundings reminded me that one can be inspired by simply anything. You can imagine, innovate, create anything with the right amount of creative seed planted in your imperfect yet astoundingly perfect mind. Blessed are the ones that always churn out creative thoughts. May it be expressed through art, editorial, photography, design... there's no limit to what makes something that came from the soul not worthy to aspire to inspire somebody else. It what makes the world go round.

So I broke some rules in the fashion world. I've mixed colors that don't pair well, I've combined textures that doesn't make sense, I've worn leggings as pants (no I didn't, although you can if you want to), I wore clothes that aren't form fitting to my body, I also wear things that people probably don't even like (and I simply told them to "hop" off). I find misfits to be questionable and intriguing. And when questions, admiration or eyebrows are raised, I am churning the creative wheel in my peer's head to either take part in my weirdness or embrace their own.

Photos by Justin Pizzi

Zara Dress | Zara Sunglasses | Zara Mules | New Look Backpack

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