Monday, May 18, 2015

Love, Maya

Leave it to my friend to fall in love with what will be the biggest dog on the planet Earth. Meet Maya, the five months old (yeah, just five months) pure bred Cane Corso - She loves to sleep as much as I do, but only she gets away with it and I get called lazy. Despite of her intimidating size, she is the biggest weirdo who walks into things and carries such a charming personality, it compels other to pet her. Also sounds like that one friend you have...

I've lost my dog when I was a Sophomore in High School. Ever since then, I forget what it feels like to be unconditionally in love with a living thing (beside humans) or to be straight-up responsible for feeding, bathing, caring and worrying over something that cannot take care of itself. I forget what it's like to be depended on - Not only for survival, but for my love and attention and absolutely nothing else. 

I believe as human beings, we need to experience that feeling of unconditional admiration for something so small. May it be a plant, fish, dog, cat, whatever. And if we're talking crazy here, maybe babies. Who knows, I don't have a kid so I can't speak on that behalf. I just know, that loving and caring for something that is incapable of repaying you back is a wondrous thing. And if you're a guy with a puppy, us women are doomed.

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Photos by Justin Pizzi

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