Thursday, May 7, 2015


Something about the warmer weather puts people in a good mood. The warmth brings good vibes, good manners and good people out of all New Yorkers. Such a sad and wonderful thing. It's as if the city has defrost itself from it's winter misery. 

If only we can hang onto this wonderful bliss and just be in utter happiness. It should take more than finally taking off layers of clothes to feel this way. Although not wearing pants is such a wonderful thing (#nopantsclub). It must be the feeling of being unchained and straight freedom after being locked up for months from the cold.

Could you imagine how it would feel to be unchained from all the things that worries you? I'm quite positive that you can piss your pants from being so damn happy. I've struggled to find and hold onto this euphoria whenever I've reached my breaking point. Then I came across this: 

"If you saw the blessing that was coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting" 

Being in a crummy mood is okay. We're not robots and unfortunately, we have to deal with this thing called feelings. Everything will work out and shit happens for a reason. Also, there's a cure for all of this madness. That is ice cream and possibly a new pair of shoes. 

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Photos by Justin Pizzi

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