Saturday, June 6, 2015

Grocery List: Smoked Salmon

This morning, I needed smoked salmon. I needed it so bad I felt if I didn't eat one today, I might just die. To my absolute horror, the three grocery stores on my block had no smoked salmon and I am not about that life on a Saturday will go any further for this fish. So what are boyfriends for? I asked him to get some on his way in from Philly, or else I would be disappointed. End result: I got my damn fish and I wasn't disappointed.

Quick and easy snack to make in between your brunch and dinner time just got a whole lot easier, baby. Nothing like a Smoked Salmon Crostini to keep you full loving happy.

Literally need three ingrediants:

Ricotta Cheese (I used Part Skim Polly-O Ricotta Cheese )

Wheat Crackers (Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuit)


For bonus, pour yourself a glass of mimosa

Let me make this simple as it is such a simple recipe and I'm a simple girl:

1. Breathe

2. Find a nice plated surface

3. Pour out crackers

4. Scoop as much ricotta cheese as you want on those bad boys

5. Top those babies off with mother effin' SALMON, BABY

...resume with your mimosas..

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