Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No Flex Zone

Finding comfortablity in a world where your appearance overlooks your personality, number of followers determine how interesting you are, and the materialistic things you are sporting measures your success is stupid and incredibly hard. It is difficult to be comfortable among all of the musk of vanity and shallowness. It is totally understandable when you cannot help but give into the hype and get caught up in all of the uneccesary madness.

Can society just let us live? Sometimes I just want to let my gut go and eat another cupcake. Or sing out loud on the subway because my jam is on. I'm not crazy - I like to eat, not suck in my tummy all the time and sing out loud. We all want to do those things, don't even tell me otherwise.

Imagine a world where we can let loose and not feel like the world is watching your every move. How much happier will we all be? Just to be able to take the hand of someone you love and start belting out your favorite tune in the middle of New York City, and a perfect stranger so happens to join you with the chorus. Or let out a fart, because nature calls for it and you're unapologetic for it - that made you feel better dammit!

Maybe we should all let loose together (not farts). Maybe then we will inspire others to loosen their flex on the life that they try so hard to show in the public eye. Maybe if we loosen up and let go of judgements, maybe we can be slightly happier with ourselves day by day.

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Photos by Justin Pizzi

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