Friday, July 10, 2015

Babes at 6B Does Happy Hour | NYC

If you're fortunate enough to live in New York freakin' city during the summer, you know it gets hot. You have this urge to go outside and play or simply lay on the grass and just don't move. If you are extra fortunate, you get this thing called SUMMER FRIDAYS - and I, Tina Maria, live for this. Summer Fridays are when companies allow their employees to take off or half day every (clap) single (clap) Fridays (clap) for the rest of the summer! Can you hear me screaming?

Whoever came up with this madness, I speak on behalf of everyone and say that you are an angel on earth and we can never ever repay you for what you've done.

Anyhow! 6B Babes is here to show you our top three favorite happy hour spots where you can indulge in some dancing juice or eat some awesome grub on those Summer Fridays. And if you don't happen to have this magnificent holiday, have no fear! These joints run their specials all the way until 8pm.

Spoiler alert: I never make it to 8pm on Summer Fridays.

Babe: Lynn Kim Do of NeckBreakin' Style
Special Babes: Mai from Mai Little Sunshine & Jamal from Style Society Guy
Video & Edit: Chris Payne

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