Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Best Suited

Business over pleasure. Pleasure over business. I find myself in such a fickle pickle over this undeserving topic. We should easily already know the answer. But here I am, in the midst of my career and my own business endeavors - the fine line between the two seems a bit blurry and now I'm confused. I hate being confused. It give me rashes. 

I find that "work" inevitably dabbles into my personal life and it affects my existing relationships. Friends, family, significant other, and my mental health. With my line of work, it happens. I always work with people, friends meet friends, connections are made and we either create, develop, or establish a bond of all types. I find myself becoming resentful to those who caught themselves in between the cobwebs of my work and play. When the two worlds of work and fun - which in retrospect have their own extreme highs and lows - collide to be a bit unnerving. Don't twist my words, I love mixing work and play, but when things go bad - it goes really bad. And when things go bad, how can you save it from tainting what you have? Especially when the people you care for are now involved in some sort of way? But I think my real issue is, I care way too much. 

I usually don't leave a post unanswered or have some sarcastic yet vague solution, but I am still confused...and quite itchy. 

H&M Blazer | Mango Skirt | Zara Heels 

Photos by Lynn Kim Do

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