Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Escape Route

Nike sign it. Just do it. Book that trip you've been meaning to go on. You got nothing to lose and you will regret nothing. Yes, you might lose money and probably starve yourself for a bit, but I trust that you're smart enough to do research and know how to do this little thing called "saving".

It's hard and it'll be challenging, but the end result will leave you refreshed with great lasting memories. Gosh, I sound so cheesy I just want to vomit. But it's cheesey because it's true.

Lynn and I planned a spontaneous trip to Hawaii just about three weeks ago. We both had no idea what we were doing and what's in store for us in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We both needed to reset from our hectic schedule and be at ease with ourselves again. And duh, what better place to do just that than to roll all over the white sand beach until you look like a seasoned fish filet.

Stay posted for my Hawaii Series in upcoming blog posts! Probably the most sickest pictures I've ever taken with the raddest lessons of life I've learned thus far.

Photos by Lynn Kim Do

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