Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love Again - Ta-ku

Give it time. Give it time.

It is a scary thing to love someone. It is a piece of you that you have given with this unfathomable trust that they will take care of it, feed it with adoration and to simply cherish it. To love someone is to letting go a piece of you that makes you so damn naive or too afraid to let your walls down. And you 'effin did. And you know what else? You shared your food with them too. That kind of love.

But most of all, to love someone is to let someone hurt you and knowing that there's a slight chance that they could. Most of the time, they do. 

That is the visious thing about love. And it is okay that you have loved and been hurt. You have lived without them before, you can continue to do so with life after them. People make a pit stop into your life for a reason - to teach you, to grow you, and to create memories with you. They inevitably show you what you like and what you don't like in another soul. Or how you, can work on yourself to be a better lover - to you and to your future partner. 

The road is rough and it is frustrating. It's not meant to be easy and you'll never get back that piece of you they had maimed. I am seeing two of my closest friends going through this each in their own way. And I just want them both to know and to those who's heartbroken, that really, the next one is right around the corner. Everyone has their own timing, so just be paitient. This is your time to be in love with yourself and be just a bit selfish to make you happy first before anyone else.

Give it time. Give it time.
'Cause there ain't no rush, no. 

Photos by Lilyann Hoang

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