Monday, August 31, 2015

Wave Length

Photos by: Lynn Kim Do

If you've been following my Instagram, I'm still not over this island and have been pushing the envelope of posting repeated pictures of this place. It has been over a week now and my followers are probably getting bored of seeing me in the same blue swimsuit. But I'm not sick of it and I love that damn swimsuit, therefore, here's more pictures of it.

We were taught an important lesson from a stranger one day by the beach. A lesson we didn't ask for or saw coming. We were there to vibe with other people and hear their stories - not to tell ours. We didn't expect to hear someone spitting truth that you can expect to read on Pinterest or a Tumblr quote post. But it was said by a man speaking with past experience and rough patches that he is working to smooth. Which in turn had us find relevance within ourselves and how we too, can take this genuine wisdom and apply it to ourselves.

He said, "Letting go and giving up are two very different things. Most people find it difficult to remember this. And it takes the wonderful force of nature, like being under a wave, to show you that."

And this surfer dude with unbelievable hair and a rum and coke in his hand was right. You can fight the wave but you're going to lose. You can just let it go and move with the wave and you'll make it out alive. It's not that you're giving up your battles, but letting it go because it is not worth the strain. And with that power of mind, I felt all of my unanswered, unbothered guilt and grudge ceased away. Things just got a shitload easier to handle. Things got a little lighter to carry on my shoulders.

And then, it gave me the sickest wave tattoo idea ever that left it's imprint on my finger. 

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